Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is, unfortunately, a very common complaint and is one of frequent conditions we see at our clinics in Chester and Altrincham (Greater Manchester). Recent research from The British Medical Journal has highlighted this by stating that approximately 5 million people see their GP every year because of back pain.

Because of the large number of patients coming to our clinics who suffer from back pain, we have developed a specialism in successful treatment. We offer a viable alternative to traditional western medical treatments.

N.B. In some cases of back pain, surgery may be indicated and patients will then be referred back to their GP/consultant. To aid diagnosis and treatment please bring any recent X-rays or MRI scans along to your first consultation.

How can Chinese Medicine help back pain?

We offer 3 different treatment methods for successfully treating back pain.

These three treatments resolve many kind of back pain problems from muscle inflammation to trapped nerve.

During the first consultation at either of our clinics in Chester or Altrincham (Greater Manchester), the doctor will ascertain the cause of your back pain, i.e. determine whether it's root cause is due to muscular, spinal or nerve problems and then recommend a course of treatment.

For the majority of cases, acupuncture is the most appropriate course of treatment.


To find out more information about how Acupuncture can help treat Back Pain please view the BACC Back Pain research factsheet

Is back pain treatment painful?

For many patients the actual insertion of needles goes unnoticed, whilst others feel a warm sensation throughout the body. Some patients feel energised by the treatment, some feel very relaxed (so relaxed they fall asleep!) and others feel a sense of euphoria/well being.

There is also a very small minority of people who may feel slightly worse before they begin to feel better.

How long does a course of treatment last?

For the first few weeks of treatment at our Chester or Altrincham (Greater Manchester) centres, the doctor suggests that the patient has two treatments per week. Once the condition improves, weekly visits will be suggested.

Treatment times themselves vary depending upon a number of factors:

  • The severity of the back condition,
  • The length of time a patient has suffered from back pain
  • Upon the patient's individual response to their respective treatment.

N.B. in the interests of hygiene and safety, only disposable, sterilised needles are used.

What exactly does acupuncture involve?

To find out more about Acupuncture please view our acupuncture page - if you require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How does TCM regard back pain?

Traditional Chinese Medicine regards back pain as having three main causes:

  1. Sprain – The inability to straighten, bend or turn without back pain. Acute pain maybe felt in certain areas of the back, sometimes accompanied by swelling. Commonly the back is painful to touch and if the condition isn't successfully treated, may eventually lead to a chronic condition.
  2. Spasm or inflammation – This frequently occurs because of the consequence of "damp" or "cold" on the body. This problem may appear as heaviness in the back, making movement uncomfortable. Aches and pains are often felt in the affected area of the back. The body will frequently feel cold and the patient will frequently be averse to the cold. Symptoms will become more pronounced in cold wet weather.
  3. Weakness of Kidney Qi - causes an aching sensation, rather than actual pain. TCM views the lower back area as the "cabin" of the kidney system. Damage to kidney Qi (or Energy) may be because of various accumulated injuries. Continued improper use of the back muscles may lead to actual damage to the kidneys themselves. Lower back problems may lead to weakness in both legs, a sore aching sensation when twisting/turning and the inability to hold a fixed posture for long periods without suffering from aching.