Rheumatism & Arthritis treatments

Our clinics in Chester and Altrincham (Greater Manchester) use herbs and acupuncture to treat rheumatism and arthritis. Dr Hui will carry out a short medical examination and look at any medical information or test results you may have brought along.

After a discussion with you, Dr Hui will diagnosis your condition and a course of treatment will be prescribed.Our aim is to quickly decrease the severity and intensity of your symptoms, continue to reduce your symptoms over a longer period of time and prevent re-occurrences.

What does the treatment involve?

(l)Chinese Herbal Treatments

Chinese herbal treatments are very effective in reducing joint pain. If a herbal treatment is prescribed patients, will be given a prescription which they will need to boil up twice a day and drink.

The majority of our herbal treatments are imported directly from China and are dispensed via our herbal dispensary at our Chester and Greater Manchester clinics. Each patient will receive their own individual hand-mixed prescription, which may consist of up to a dozen assorted dried herbs. The combination of herbs work in synergy to provide an effective treatment (the herbs include flowers, leaves, stalks, seeds and roots).

(2) Acupuncture Treatments

In treating Rheumatism and Arthritis using Acupuncture, fine needles will be inserted into specific points of the body – the point selected would depend on the diagnosis and the needles will be left in position for a short period of time.

To read more about our this treatment, please read our Acupuncture pages.

What about my normal medication?

It is our policy to strongly encourage patients to keep their GPs fully informed of their diagnosis and treatment. Herbal Teas very rarely interfere with any other medication. In fact, conventional western medicine often benefits from being used in conjunction with Traditional Chinese Medicine in the treatment of Rheumatism and Arthritis and because of the positive results of our treatments, many GP practices are pleased to work with us.


For more information about how Acupuncture can help treat Rheumatoid arthritis please view the BACC research factsheet on Rheumatoid arthritis.

How long does a course of treatment last?

Treatment times vary enormously between patients and depend upon a number of factors such as:

  • the severity of the condition,
  • the duration a patient has suffered from rheumatism or arthritis.
  • the patient's individual response to his or her treatment.
Please Note

The use of Chinese herbs and/or acupuncture cannot, unfortunately, undo any damage that has already occurred to the joints, but they do frequently reduce the symptoms and improve quality of life.