Sciatica Back Pain Treatment

Sciatica is a condition where pain extends from the lower back along the back of the thigh and runs down the back of the leg and is probably caused by some compression or pinching of the sciatic nerve route.There are other causes, but all are connected with the large sciatic nerve.

Patients suffering from acute Sciatica, often have a prolapse of the Lumber Inter Vertebral Disc, but there are other forms of Sciatica.

A patient suffering from Sciatica can experience mild to severe pain/numbness in the lower back and legs, pins and needles in the feet, together with other symptoms. Sciatica related conditions can lead to disruption in both the personal life and employment of a patient.

There are two types of sciatica:
Acute Sciatica: which can last up to 6 weeks.
Chronic Sciatica: which lasts longer than 6 weeks.

How do we treat Sciatica?

At our clinics in Chester and Greater Manchester we treat Sciatica using a combination of acupuncture, massage, together with advice regarding lifestyle and posture. If the patient is suffering from chronic Sciatica , we may also suggest a regime of physical exercise and in very rare cases, we may suggest that surgery may be required.

Why Chinese Medicine for Sciatica treatments?

Chinese medicine uses natural remedies to help relax muscles, tendons and activate collaterals. Acupuncture and Chinese massage sessions at our Greater Manchester and Chester clinics offer a better solution in easing the trapped/compressed sciatic nerve, reducing or eliminating inflammation along the affected muscles/nerve by invigorating the flow of qi and blood throughout the affected area.

These gentle natural treatments bring about considerable success in the reduction of pain and discomfort compared to Western treatment with its reliance on anti-inflammatories and pain killers. Acupuncture and Chinese massage treat the root cause of Sciatica holistically and do not merely address the main symptom of pain.


For more information about how Acupuncture can help treat Sciatica please view the BACC research factsheet on Sciatica