Client Testimonials

Listed below is a small selection of unsolicited testimonials I've received from satisfied clients over my years of Chinese Medicine practice.

Many thanks to everybody who took the time and effort to send me a testimonial - I'm very appreciative – Dr Jerry Hui.

Back Pain Treatment

Many chronic pain conditions can be managed by the combined therapy of Chinese massage and acupuncture. We treated a 93 years old lady who had been suffering from lower back pain after an accident for three years.

On arrival, she complained of severe lower back pain, and could hardly walk. Chronic lower back pain with spinal curvature was diagnosed. Therefore, the treatment focused on releasing muscle tension and promoting blood circulation in both sides of the spine by Chinese massage and acupuncture.

After two sessions of treatment, the pain was greatly relieved and she could walk without her stick. After further sessions of treatment, she was able to have a holiday in Florida.

"Thank you doctor, we are having a super time, and my mum walks very well with hardly any pain."

By May Whitefield’s daughter

Arthritis Treatment

"Following my course of acupuncture treatment, the pain of my joints was reduced and I now suffer no pain and am able to walk without stick. I feel myself a new person, and am at peace with my world."

Thank you Dr Hui

By Jade.

Sciatica Treatment

"I have been suffering from sciatica for 9 months. I had osteopathic treatment and the pain went away 3 months ago. I stopped the treatment because I thought the problem has gone away. The pain came back after 2 weeks together with muscles spasms and I was not able to walk much, etc.  Ibuprofen only suppressed the pain, whilst my GP could do nothing, I was recommended to Dr Hui. After careful examination, he explained my problems to me and informed me it was Sciatica - and that a combination of acupuncture and Chinese massage would solve the problem. To my great relief, after the first treatment, some of the pain had eased.The next few weeks' treatment enabled me to walk regularly, then the shooting pain down my leg disappeared. Well done Dr Hui."

Thank You - Susan

Stress & Depression Treatment

"I live a stressful life and for several years the onset of winter and long dark nights would bring on depression, accompanied by a stiff and painful neck. My G.P. gave me the usual anti-depressants.

But I discovered Chinese Medicine. After a few sessions of massage and acupuncture I felt like a new woman. Last year the same methods cured my sciatica. Twelve months on, my back still feels great. Chinese Medicine was certainly the answer for me. It could be your answer too.

Why not give it a try!" - From B W

Eczema Treatment

"I had been to the dermatologist for several months, only to be prescribed stronger steroid creams. That didn’t help, the eczema just kept coming back.

A friend of mine suggested I try Chinese herbal medicine, so I went to see Dr Hui. He gave me dietary advice and some herbal tea to drink, they tasted awful, but they worked!

After a couple of visits the skin on my legs was so much better.

Thanks Doctor. Now I can wear a skirt."

Testimonial by J B

Infertility Treatment

Dr Hui has been great. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I am now pregnant.

After 5 years of trying, 42 years of age, I nearly give up. I was wondering whether there was any natural way, when I was recommended to Dr Hui. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine were introduced according to my condition. Even without trying IVF, I was pregnant.

It is a truly life changing experience and I am deeply grateful for all of your expertise.

Thank You - Wendy

Hay fever Treatment

I used to suffer with hayfever each year.  After I had Chinese medicine and acupuncture, I no longer have itchy eyes, blocked nose and do not sneeze all the time.

That is great! (Allan)

Migraine Treatment

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, migraines are said to be caused by an excess of liver yang, a deficiency of the kidneys, and stagnation of blood in the head. Both herbs and/or acupuncture can be used to treat migraine.

We treated a middle aged lady who had been suffering from migraine since her childhood. On arrival, she stated that she had an average of 4 attacks per week, and she had symptom of flashing lights with pain above the eyes, accompanied with severe nausea during the attack. Our treatment focused on reducing liver yang, nourishing yin and promoting blood circulation by herbal medicine and acupuncture. After the first week of treatment, she told us with a big smile "Doctor, it is working, and I only had one minor attack last week."

After further sessions of treatment, she told us that the treatment had settled her migraine, and that she had been able to enjoy a holiday, which previously would not have been possible because of her long term illness.

A Happy Patient

Shoulder Pain

Just like to say how effective the treatment was with Dr Hui - I had severe pains in my right shoulder and he relived the pain and healed the shoulder - Great treatment

Mike Donovan