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Acupuncture and Infertility

A couple is regarded as infertile if, after regular sexual intercourse, they have not conceived in two years. There are a few important pathological factors that could affect pregnancy.

Infertility for females:
Ovarian factors (high FSH, low oestrogen and progesterone level, polycystic ovaries)
Fallopian factors (blockage due to infection or adhesions)
Uterine factors (uterine myomas, too small uterus) Cervical factors (cervical or vaginal infection)
Infertility for males:
Testicular factors (infection include STDs, blockage of ejaculatory ducts etc)
Autoimmunity factors (low sperm count, low motility, volume etc).
From chinese medicine point of view, infertility can be caused by:
Kidney deficiency
Blood deficiency
Retention of cold in the uterus
Phlegm and blood stagnation

Acupuncture Treatment

In our Manchester (altrincham) clinic we offer special treatment such as acupuncture to help infertility problems for both men and women, or as a supportive treatment before and during the process of IVF.

Research has explained how acupuncture may benefit fertility:
Regulate fertility hormones
Increase blood flow to the reproductive organs
Counteract the effects of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
Improve semen quality and quantity

Normally we start acupuncture three month before IVF or as a natural way of achieving pregnancy. Sometimes, we combine acupuncture with herbal medicine, massage or moxibustion.

The commonly used acupuncture points in our Manchester clinic are:
Kidney deficiency. shenshu(BL23) qixue(KI13) rangu(KI2)
Blood deficiency. sanyinjiao(SP6) zusanli(ST36) zigong((EX1)
Retention of cold in the uterus. Mingmen(DU4) qihai(RN6)
Phlegm and blood stagnation. Zhongji(RN3) fenglong(ST40)

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

With acupuncture and Chinese medicine we can largely increase the success rate of pregnancy. No wonder more and more patients choose acupuncture as an alternative treatment to achieve pregnancy or as a supportive method during IVF process.

For more information about acupuncture and infertility, please contact the Manchester (Altrincham) clinic.