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Breech Births and Moxibustion in Manchester

The most common presentation of a baby just before birth is head down and facing the mother’s back, which is the easiest position for the baby to pass down the birth canal.

In a breech presentation the baby is born buttocks or feet first instead of head first and labour is likely to be more prolonged with an increased risk to the baby.

It is not always possible for a doctor to turn the baby into the head-down position before birth, but at our Manchester (Altrincham) clinics we offer Moxibustion as an option.

According to Chinese medicine breech birth is mainly caused by:-

  • A deficiency of qi and blood.
  • Stagnation of qi.

pregnant woman illustrationThe practitioner at our Manchester (Altrincham) recommends that you should contact our clinic if your baby is still in the breech position after 35 weeks of pregnancy. We will then make an initial assessment about the suitability of using a combination of acupuncture and moxibustion.

Moxibustion is a therapeutic technique of applying a stick of mugwort or other medical herbs over the affected part of the body to treat or prevent medical conditions. The attachment of the ignited mugwort stick to the end of the acupuncture needle can produce the effect of warming qi and promoting blood circulation, strengthening the body’s resistance in order to eliminate pathogenic factors.

The patient will usually experience a pleasant and relaxing warming sensation, which penetrates deep into their skin and body. This will not cause any discomfort or blistering and can help to increase the chance of natural delivery.

  • Zhiyin(BL 67) is the main acupoint for moxibustion.
  • Add Guanyuan(RN 4), Zusanli(ST 36) in case of deficiency of qi and blood.
  • Add Qihai(RN 6), Taichong(LR 3) in case of qi stagnation.

For more information about breech birth and moxibustion, please contact the Manchester (Altrincham) clinic.