Model displaying acupoints

Using Acupoints

Meridians and collaterals form the important system for the circulation of qi and blood. Along the meridians there are certain points where the qi of the internal organs reaches. Because acupuncturists use these points during treatments, the points are called acupoints.

There are 14 meridians, each named after different organs, such as the Lung Meridian and the Stomach Meridian. There are around 360 acupoints located on these meridians.

Treatment with acupuncture and moxibustion is mainly undertaken by needle insertion and the application of moxibustion on certain points in the body.

The selection of acupoints and the formulation of prescriptions is closely related to the therapeutic outcome and its effectiveness. A complete acupoint prescription will include acupoint selection and the methods to be used for the acupuncture and moxibustion.

Acupoint selection

Method of acupoint selection:
Selection of local points – to select points which are adjacent to the area of the disease or illness
Selection of distal points – to select points which are far from the diseased area
Selection of left-right points – to select points which are on the contralateral side of the disease area
Selection of symptomatic points – to select the corresponding points according to the main symptoms

Massage and manipulation

In our Altrincham Clinic, we not only select acupoints for acupuncture, we also utilise it in establishing pressure points for massage and manipulation. Patients at our Altrincham Clinic are often taught to identify useful acupoints in order to use self-massage, thereby enhancing the therapeutic effectiveness.

If you are interested in acupoints and acupuncture, please contact the Manchester Altrincham Clinic.