Treating Depression

On your first visit to the Altrincham (Greater Manchester) or Chester Clinics Dr Hui will:

The two types of depression are:

  1. Exogenous depression – this is caused by issues commonly relating to life events such as unemployment, debt, divorce or bereavement.
  2. Endogenous depression – this results from a chemical imbalance in the brain. (If left untreated or unsuccessfully treated the first type of depression (Exogenous) can lead to Endogenous depression.)

How we can help you beat depression

On your first visit to the Altrincham Clinic or Chester Clinic Dr Hui will:

  1. Have an informal chat with you to discuss and evaluate your symptoms.
  2. Carry out a brief medical examination
  3. once the medical assessment and evaluation are completed, Dr Hui will advise you of his conclusions and discuss what particular type of imbalance and/or deficiency you have from the Chinese medical perspective.
  4. Based on his extensive experience in treating depression, Dr Hui will then decide what is the best treatment for your type of depressive disorder.

How Chinese Medicine treat depression

Chinese Medicine treats depression by seeking to address liver qi stagnation. For instance a highly regarded Chinese Herbal treatment is “Free and Easy Wanderer” which seeks to move the qi and rebalance the liver function.

With the holistic approach of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture is also used to correct body imbalance in conjunction with the use of herbal treatments. After a series of these treatments, depression will often lift of its own accord.

In addition to our range of medical treatments at our Chester and Greater Manchester clinics, we offer advice sessions in improving your general lifestyle, which helps to reduce the chance of depression returning, and/or to mitigate the damaging effects of depression.


To find out how Acupuncture can help treat Depression please view the BACC research factsheet on Depression.

Improve your general well-being

It is not unusual for patients to find acupuncture and herbal medicine so helpful, that although not actually suffering from a specific medical condition like depression, they wish to continue using these treatments as a way of aiding relaxation and improving their general feeling of well-being.