Stress Treatment

The pace of modern life creates stress for people from many different walks of life and from various professions, but Chinese medicine offers the ability to manage and reduce the effects.

We can help you with a range of treatments for stress reduction – which include:
Chinese acupuncture,
Chinese massage,
Herbal medicine,
or different combinations of the three.

How can Chinese Medicine help with Stress reduction?

Chinese Medicine treats stress in three different ways:

  1. Using Acupuncture - it seeks to regulate the liver and its function.
  2. Chinese massage - it unlocks the energy of the body and helps the body relax.
  3. Chinese Herbal Treatment clears away liver fire and nourishes the body, in particular the kidneys.

Following a consultation with Dr Hui at his Chester or Altrincham (Greater Manchester) clinics, one or a combination of treatments listed above may be prescribed.

What is Stress and how does it affect the body?

Stress is an emotional and physical response to our environment and the pressures placed on people by the busy outside world. Individuals may have various forms of stress and symptoms.

The symptoms of stress can include:
Emotional upset
Fast heart beats
Panic attacks
Short temper
Irritable bowels
Skin rashes
or lack of energy and concentration.

Unfortunately, an individual may suffer from two or more of these stress symptoms, leading to health problems and difficulties in both employment and in their personal life.