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Herbal Treatments / Medical Conditions

Chinese Herbal Medicine is practised successfully world wide in the treatment of a very varied range of diseases, conditions and illnesses. Indeed many patients suffering from chronic conditions, that conventional western medicine struggles to treat, can be helped and the severity of their symptoms significantly reduced.

Chinese herbal medicine dispensary

Chinese Herbal Medicine Dispensary

An important facility at the Jichuan Chinese Medicine Clinic is the availability of an extensively stocked Chinese Herbal Dispensary. The Dispensaries at Chester and Altrincham ( Greater Manchester ) provide a comprehensive dispensing service of hand mixed and selected Chinese Herbal Treatments.


Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatments

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been successfully used for over 3000 years to treat a range of medical conditions – the range of conditions Chinese Herbal Medicine treats can be split into three different areas.

  1. Successfully treating acute diseases and conditions by destroying bacteria or eliminating a virus;
  2. Treating chronic disorders such as gastro-intestinal disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation, ulcerated colitis by helping to strengthen the body and aid its recovery;
  3. Maintaining general health by keeping the body in balance.