Medical Dispensary

An important facility at the Jichuan Chinese Medicine Clinic is the availability of an extensively stocked Chinese Herbal Dispensary. The Dispensaries at Chester and Altrincham ( Greater Manchester ) provide a comprehensive dispensing service of hand mixed and selected Chinese Herbal Treatments.

All Chinese herbs and herbal treatments used in our clinics originate from reputable and established manufacturers/suppliers based in the UK or China. Our two clinics operate a strict policy of prohibiting ingredients that are either endangered plants/fauna or illegal animal parts and fully support the policy of the RCHM regarding this appalling practice.

Individual Prescriptions

All Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions are hand-mixed within the respective clinic to treat specific individual medical condition. The Chinese herbs are prescribed either in dried or decocted (ready-to-drink) formulations.

Given the recently introduced Product Licensing Legislation, we are temporarily unable to offer patent medicine.

Most herbal medicine prescriptions can be collected after each consultation, however, if a new prescription is required it can take around 3 to 4 hours after your appointment before the prescription can be collected.

How to prepare dried herbs

If you are prescribed dried Chinese Herbal Treatments, this is the suggested method we recommend for using them:

  1. Place the herbs into a pan. Cover the herbs with approximately one or one and half pints of cold tap water.
  2. Leave the herbs to soak for approximately thirty minutes.
  3. Once the herbs have been left to soak, bring the mixture to the boil and then simmer for a further thirty minutes until there is approximately one cup of liquid left.
  4. Pour the remaining liquid out into a cup or mug and drink the solution whilst warm.

Keep the herbs safe

Please ensure that the herbs are kept away from children, just as you would with any Western medicine - some herbs can be potentially dangerous if consumed by children.