Chinese Medicine Treatments

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been successfully used for over 3000 years to treat a range of medical conditions – the range of conditions Chinese Herbal Medicine treats can be split into three different areas.

  1. Successfully treating acute diseases and conditions by destroying bacteria or eliminating a virus;
  2. Treating chronic disorders such as gastro-intestinal disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation, ulcerated colitis by helping to strengthen the body and aid its recovery;
  3. Maintaining general health by keeping the body in balance.

To view a more comprehensive list of medical conditions see our herbal medicine conditions treatment page.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Dispensary

At our clinics in Chester and Altrincham (Greater Manchester) we operate Chinese Herbal Dispensaries where each prescription is produced individually and only the best herbal ingredients are used. To find out more about our extensive Chinese Herbal Dispensary, please view our Herbal Dispensary page.

Is Chinese Herbal Medicine safe?

To become a Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner Dr Hui was obliged to complete many years of dedicated academic and practical study to develop the expertise and experience required to treat patients using Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Dr Hui has extensive skills and experience and can also successfully diagnose illnesses/conditions using a range of Western medical techniques. If necessary, he can prescribe a Western medicine treatment or refer a patient to a General Practitioner.

Chinese herbal medicine is a serious medical methodology and, when practised by a fully trained and very experienced medical practitioner, is very safe. In fact, in comparison to Western medicine, adverse medical reactions to Chinese medicine are extremely rare.

As part of a course of treatment a patient's medication and treatment will be regularly reviewed with follow-up treatment reviews / appointments at our Chester and Greater Manchester (Altrincham) clinics.