Herbal Infertility Treatment

Treating infertility with Chinese herbs has been used successfully for over 2,000 years. It restores harmony to the body, thereby improving fertility. We have over 20 years' clinical experiencein treating infertility conditions using herbal treatments.

All our herbal treatments are produced on site via our own Chinese Herbal Medicine Dispensary and are available at both our Chester and Greater Manchester (Altrincham) clinics.

Infertility Treatment Process

During the first consultation we will:

  • Discuss your medical history, treatment and timetable
  • Carry out a physical examination by examining the tongue and pulse.
  • From the information gathered, we will reach a diagnosis and discuss this with the patient and partner.

We will suggest potential treatment options which may include Acupuncture Fertility Sessions, in conjunction with fertility massage. We strongly encourage both partners to attend the first session at either our Chester or Greater Manchester clinics (Altrincham), so that we can assess fertility problems, prognosis and treatment planning.

We also offer advice about lifestyle changes, which will help to maximise the potential of our treatments as well as improving general health.

We can help You

Dr Hui has used his range of professional skills and his 20 years' experience to help many patients have their own families - you too can be part of this success story!

During Pregnancy

We often prescribe Chinese Herbal Treatments to help pregnant women during and after pregnancy. These herbal treatments help a woman to maintain her strength and vitality during pregnancy, labour and the months after baby is born.

According to the Chinese medicine theory, giving birth and the production of breast milk require a large amount of Qi. Chinese herbal treatments can therefore be helpful in increasing the Qi and restoring the body to harmony.