Cupping Treatment

Cupping is viewed as a form of acupuncture and has been practised as a medical treatment for thousands of years. Cupping treatments are used in many cultures all over the world and is a popular alternative to the more popular needles.

How does Cupping Treatment work?

Cupping treatment works by arranging heated glass cups on a patients back to create a vacuum. The areas most suited for Cupping are fleshy areas of the body so as to ensure perfect suction of cup to skin.

What can Cupping Treat?

Cupping is prescribed mainly for pain reduction, gastro-intestinal disorders, Asthma and paralysis conditions, but it can also be used for numerous other conditions and disorders.

Patients undergoing Cupping don't feel pain but may see minor superficial bruising around cup rims - most patients merely feel a sensation of a small pulling of their skin.

What does Cupping achieve?

Cupping is particularly using in improving blood flow, pain relief, relaxation, stress reduction and generally energising the body's life force.

A Popular Treatment

Cupping is currently in vogue with celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow who use Cupping as a detoxifying and relaxation treatment. Athletes in the Beijing Olympics were also seen to use Cupping, prior to competing in events.

Cupping is offered by both our Chester and Greater Manchester (Altrincham) clinics.