Addiction Treatments

Addictions are unfortunately a common problem in societies all over the world and they range from addictions to food, smoking, alcohol and drug dependency. Historically the problem of Opium addiction existed in China for centuries. Chinese Medicine has developed several treatments to combat addiction and we offer addiction treatment sessions in both our Greater Manchester (Altrincham) and Chester clinics.

Treating Smoking Addiction

Smoking is an expensive habit, it is very anti-social and can cause serious health problems for smokers and their friends and family.

Smokers are frequently prone to:
Sore throats / coughs,
Chest infections,
Various Rashes,
Migraines / headaches,
Various Cancers.

Smoking in pregnancy can also harm the unborn baby and increase the risk of premature birth and an underweight baby.

How can we help you beat Smoking?

Dr Hui has over 20 years of clinical experience in helping patients quit smoking in both the UK and China. Patients, who had smoked for 2 years to 40 years, have all been treated for their smoking addiction.

Treating Drug Additions

Dr Hui in his clinics has been treating patients with drug addition problems for over 20 years. Acupuncture, massage and herbal treatments help patients beat drug addiction. Ear acupuncture is the most frequent treatment used for drug addiction as it provides immediate feelings of

  • well-being,
  • relaxation,
  • and focus

All the above are crucial in helping an addict deal with their addiction.

Acupuncture also helps to alleviate the following side effects of detoxification:

  • body aches,
  • runny nose,
  • joint pain,
  • flu-like symptoms

The reduction of the above side effects helps to reduce cravings for soft and hard drugs.

Treating Food / Drink Addiction

Many drugs can be addictive but so can food and drink – alcohol and foods laced with caffeine/sugar can promote intense cravings. We treat these conditions using our range of treatments and together we can help defeat your addictions.

We can help

For more details about treatments listed here, please contact us for further information.