Psoriasis Condition treatment

Psoriasis Treatment

We have long experience of successfully treating Psoriasis using selected hand mixed Chinese Herbs at our Altrincham (Greater Manchester) and Chester Chinese Medicine Clinics.

In Western medicine, the root cause of Psoriasis is uncertain with 2 different theories which are as follows: Excessive growth and production of skin cells and Problems relating to the immune system's production of T cells which subsequently damage skin cells.

Acne Sufferer

Acne Treatment

Western medical treatment methods can struggle to successfully treat acne. It is not uncommon for conventional creams/antibiotics to prove deficient and to cause occasional side effects for patients. However Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments offer a natural alternative treatment.

severe case of eczema

Eczema Treatments

Eczema is a common skin complaint, which is successfully treated by Dr Hui at his Chester and Altrincham Clinics using Chinese Medicine. Eczema can be difficult to treat using conventional Western drugs.