Eczema Treatments

Eczema is a common skin complaint, which is successfully treated by Dr Hui at his Chester and Altrincham (Greater Manchester) Clinics using Chinese Medicine. Eczema can be difficult to treat using conventional Western drugs.

Chinese Medicine offers a positive alternative that is both traditional and natural, avoiding the use of the usual steroid based treatments, which can often only be used for a limited time.

What is Eczema?

Chinese Medicine views the cause of skin problems as an imbalance within the body – Eczema is considered to be due to problems relating to the lungs, stomach, heart and blood.

What does the treatment involve of Eczema involve?

There are several different types of Eczema. In order to decide the type, the affected area will be examined, a brief general medical examination will also take place and Dr Hui may need to ask some relevant questions.

Having determined which type eczema you have, a diagnosis will be discussed with you. From this diagnosis a course of selected and hand-mixed herbs will be prescribed.

Our Chinese Herbal Treatments for Eczema

A large number of the Chinese herbs used by our clinics originate from a leading Chinese hospital, affiliated to one of the most prestigious dermatological research institutions in China.

These herbal prescriptions have undergone comprehensive research and practical clinical trials over the last few decades using modern scientific methodologies.

Many treatments will come in a granular form which simply dissolves in hot water. (Just like using coffee granules.) Some patients find the "tea" solution unpleasant to taste and, if necessary we recommend adding fruit juice or honey.

What about my normal medication?

We frequently work alongside GPs and would most strongly advise patients to keep their GPs informed of any treatments we may prescribe. If you have been prescribed a course of steroids, for use either orally or topically, please continue using these steroids in conjunction with our herbal treatments.

Steroid treatments should be gradually withdrawn and you should follow the advice of your GP regarding how and when. Herbal teas do not usually cause problems or interfere with your other medication. In fact, it is often beneficial when treating Eczema conditions, to combine Chinese treatment with western conventional medicine.

Do the herbs have any side effects?

When treated by an experienced clinician, there should be no adverse side effects in the use of herbal treatments. In very infrequent cases a patient may become slightly worse before they start to improve, but this is very unusual. Commonly there are no side effects whatsoever.